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Handling the Holiday’s with Hearing Loss

By December 6, 2021No Comments

It’s officially the Holiday Season and that means lots of socializing. This can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for someone who struggles with hearing loss. Not being able to follow conversations can cause one to feel lonely even when they’re in the company of family and friends. At Lake Shore Audiology, we want to make sure you enjoy your holiday season to the fullest. We have compiled a list of tips and recommendations that both someone with hearing loss and their family/friends can do to make the holidays more manageable. 

1 ) Position yourself in a good spot : Strategizing your seating position at the dinner table can make all the difference when it comes to hearing loss. A good place to consider is the middle of the table so you can read lips and follow conversations easier. Being at the end can be challenging when it comes to joining in on the conversation which may cause you to feel isolated and left out. Another good idea is to seat yourself next to someone you’re able to easily converse with. Having someone sit close to you who can help engage you in the conversation and reiterate what was said is super helpful. 

2) Be Considerate : If you know that someone at your party struggles with hearing loss, make sure to be accommodating and move closer when you try to talk to them. Also, if you are assigning seats at the dinner table, keep in mind where would be a good position for them to be seated in. These little efforts can make a great difference for someone with hearing loss. 

3) Limit background Noise : Background noises like loud music or a blaring television can make it even more challenging for people with hearing loss to follow a conversation. If you are the host, try to remember this when you’re setting up for your party. If you are the guest, don’t be afraid to ask the host to turn it down. Hosts often times don’t realize that the music is too loud or effecting guests with hearing loss.

4) Volunteer to Help : Having something to do at the party can be a good distraction and take your mind off of feeling pressured to socialize. One way you can do this is by volunteering to help prepare the food for dinner. Having a task will not only make you feel happy to be helping out, but also can help reduce your stress levels. The host of the party will also appreciate your assistance.

6) Don’t be too Hard on Yourself : Have reasonable expectations and don’t go into the party thinking that you’re going to understand everything that was said. You’re going to miss some things and that’s okay.  Getting caught up on what you missed will just ruin your mood, so try to just appreciate what you can hear. 

7) Take a Break : Holiday parties can be exhausting for anyone, especially when dealing with hearing loss. Don’t feel obligated to be present for everything that is going on. If you notice you are feeling burnt out and running out of fuel, take a break for a little. Maybe going to a quieter room or a walk (if it’s not freezing outside) can help you feel recharged and ready to step back into the party. 

Lastly, make sure your hearing aids are working properly and fully charged. If you think something is wrong with your hearing aids or you need a new battery, Lake Shore Audiology is here to help. Schedule an appointment with us today so we can ensure your hearing aids are ready to go for the Holidays. Contact Us

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